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Whether the asset is an investment property or a corporate facility, tibiaan properties’ track record has been of a diligent partner in the management of property and/or its facilities. We have partnered with industry leaders that include prestigious investors, retail centres, financial institutions, hotels and resorts, among others.

In our quest to deliver high calibre property management services to our customers, we first try to understand their business and financial objectives. This is key to the formulation of an effective property management plan, complete with a capital and operating budget, to help achieve the highest return on investment.

Likewise, our Facility Management Services are suitably tailored to meet the specific needs of your property’s residential or business tenants. Our expertise covers all aspects of the physical property and outdoor areas including landscaping, electrical systems, plumbing, appliances and boundary walls. Well-maintained properties are key to ensuring tenancy retention as well as high-levels of occupancy.