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Unbiased, precise and transparent valuation is key to the purchase of any property as each property is unique in itself. tibiaan properties has provided a significant number of valuations and appraisals through internationally accepted valuation standards and best practices in the industry using RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and IVS International Valuation Standards Council. Over the years, banks, pension funds and other financial institutions have come to recognise and hold our valuations in high esteem. Our trained staff, given their in-depth market knowledge and extensive experience, is well-positioned to offer professional, credible and reliable appraisals of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties.

Our know-how also extends into market analysis and feasibility studies – expertise that gives us an edge in the property valuations and appraisals space. Over the past years, our insightful analysis of property market trends has helped our clients make, among other things, timely and informed investment and divestment decisions, raise debt or equity, maximize value on their holdings and meet their needs for reliable property market information. On request, we also submit case studies for a detailed and in-depth understanding.